Video - Duck Rides Motorcycle - Suzuki SV650

Videa Suzuki SV Duck Rides Motorcycle - Suzuki SV650

Duck Rides Motorcycle - Suzuki SV650

Skeeter the Duck riding a motorcycle! She loves to ride and gets excited and runs to the bike when she sees it outside. We took a trip across town to the bay to let her go have a swim in the water on the beach. Shes also pretty good about pooping on command, as you may notice from the beginning of the video. Shes a good little girl. VvTheDuckvV's Youtube: Youcan now be a fan of Skeeter the Duck on her very own Facebook Fan Page! She already has almost 300 friends, lets see how many we can give her! SUBSCRIBE: SkeeterTheDuck's Channel: SkeeterTheDuck's Facebook: Music courtesy of Kevin Macleod ( Title: There It Is

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