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Videa Suzuki RE Episode 23 - No you're a dickhead

Episode 23 - No you're a dickhead

Motorcycle Safety In my 30+ years of riding and commuting everyday to work for the past 15 years, I have almost daily witnessed some dreadful scenes on the road. I have been trying to cope with increasingly degrading skills and concentration of drivers for years. Reality check... It is very dangerous for motorcyclists in traffic. My anger was intensifying to the point of simply abusing stupid drivers but this really doesn't achieve anything. Drivers will do what they do and I guess it is up to me to compensate. With this in mind I thought I would redirect my frustration to better use and construct some videos aimed at providing advice to riders to help prepare for these daily examples of danger (there are not many trips I don't experience at least 1 dangerous situation). There is no better way than to include videos of them. I hope these are helpful. STAY SAFE

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