Video - Fast and furious road racing - Ulster GP 2012!

Videa Suzuki GP Fast and furious road racing - Ulster GP 2012!

Fast and furious road racing - Ulster GP 2012!

Available on Duke Download or DVD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elbow-to-elbow racing at 130mph-plus, epic last lap drama, bitter grudge match showdowns and the biggest stars on the sport -- what a way to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Ulster Grand Prix! This action-packed official review features comprehensive coverage of all six races, with on-board, aerial and trackside cameras ensuring you don't miss any of the vital drama. The record-breaking speeds normally seen at the World's Fastest Road Race may not have been matched, but the racing was hotter than ever, with wins decided by as little as 0.194 of a second. There are Superbike, Superstock, Supersport, SuperTwin and 250cc battles around the legendary 7.4-mile Dundrod circuit to enjoy, each filled with headline-making highlights. Michael Dunlop and Guy Martin's faring-bashing antics produced fireworks, as did the staggering 600cc duel between Bruce Anstey and William Dunlop, Conor Cummin's stunning run of podium finishes, outstanding performances from Ian Lougher, Gary Johnson and Lee Johnston, plus Ryan Farquhar's fight with KMR Kawasaki teammate Jamie Hamilton to secure his 199th win. Despite suffering with two slipped discs, Michael Dunlop proved as determined as ever, and his last lap of the day clash with Tyco Suzuki's Guy Martin simply has to be seen to be believed. The historic 90th anniversary of the ...



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