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For sale - 2008 Suzuki M109R

For sale is a 2008 Suzuki M109r. I am the first owner, bought it new in 2008. I have been putting custom parts on this bike since I bought it. I have installed Raw Design Flats front turn signals, Raw Design rear turn signal, side mount license plate with running and brake light, axel cover, gel carbon fiber seat, kuryakan Iso grips, kuryakan stilleto tips for the grips, Thunder Mfg. Dual tornado air intake, cobra dragster exhaust, PCIII powercommander, painted front forks, painted brake calipers, 160 Metzler front tire, 260 Metzler rear tire, Kurayakan swing wing foot pegs, polished stock wheels and gear hub (not chrome so it wont bubble or chip EVER), polished handle bar controls, chrome levers, an air horn, and I have had over $6000.00 work done to rebuild the engine (nothing wrong) to put in teflon coated cylinders, ceramic coat the exhaust (takes heat out of the engine), had the tranny rebuilt, the clutch basket rebuilt and a aluminum strap put around it. This bike will blast out of the hole, dump the clutch and hold on, no issue there with the complete tranny rebuild to be bullet proof. All the build work was done at Precicion Cycle Works in Covington, GA in October of 2010 and I have the original invoice. The PCIII has a custom map and was dyno'd at Precision Cycle Works. It will be hard to find a better M109r out there for this price. Dont make the mistake of buying new, take advantage of my loss to be your gain. Please email with questions -



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