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Fred Kodlin

DuKati by Kodlin His career began at the age of thirteen when he got his very first small motorcycle: A 50 cc Zündapp moped, which he soon started „customizing". 1975 Fred builds his first motocross-bike 1976 Fred buys a Zündapp KS 50 Supersport at the age of 16. 1978 At the age of 18 Fred buys his first real motorcycle: The Suzuki GT 500 Twostroke. Still in the same year, he switches to another classic: Honda CB 500 „Four". Fred becomes a heating installer by profession. After his apprenticeship of three years, he keeps on working for one more year. At the beginning of the '80ies he starts getting into contact with American companies to get motorcycle parts for prices that retailers pay. 1981-1982 Fred builds his own shop at Jesberg, state of Hessen/Germany. 1982 Foundation of his first company „Chopperschmiede". 1985 The chamber of crafts requires a master craftsman diploma to run the business. Fred consequently passes the tests for „master forger" and for „master vehicle builder" in one fell swoop. He also achieves the additional qualification of an welding-expert and passed successfully the final examination of the welding apprenticeship. 1986 Beginning of the parts production.

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