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Funny Side of Formula One - Best of 1993

Highlights throughout the 1993 season showing the lighter, funnier side of Formula One. South Africa -Damon Hill plays a Sega Game Gear -Prost's onboard footage breaks up in a timely, typical Murray Walker fashion -Schumacher is too angered to give an interview to Jonathan Palmer after his retirement -Murray tells Prost's story of not wanting to choose the number 0 for his car -Brundle retires just after Murray mentions him being in 6th place and about to praise him Brazil -Murray reacts to the footage switching to a different battle after he tell us to watch the battlle for 5th -A marshall sits on the nose of a retired Footwork as it's raised into the air to be placed on a truck Europe -Murray calls Michael Andretti by his father's name, Mario -James Hunt calls Suzuki "spinner of the year" and goes on about his countless spins -Murray also jokes about Suzuki -Hunt comments on the elegance two cars "waltzing" as they both spin without contact -Senna waves his arm at Herbert as he laps him, with Murray telling us what he's saying -Senna begs for a flag after winning the the race and loses it in the rear suspension once he finally gets it San Marino -Palmer tries to interview Berger after his retirement in the pits when he decides to go back out in the car again -Zanardi doesn't realize his car is on fire as he goes through for another lap and loses a wheel -Alliot gives Lehto a ride home after the race Spain -Herbert jokes that Palmer is a jinx for speaking to him before ...

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