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Videa Suzuki Grass Tracker George Spooner Spedeworth Junior Rod 02

George Spooner Spedeworth Junior Rod 02

Hi all, thanks for dropping by, my name is George and I'm currently 16 years old... I am a petrol head and have been since my Dad stuck me on a Polini MiniMoto bike at the age of about 3... It was an experience to remember... flat out up the field into a barbed wire fence... :) not perturbed, I went onto bigger and better things, mainly a Monkey bike, then a Lem 50 crosser, then a Sherco 150cc Trials bike then a Suzuki RM85 crosser... that's where we leave behind ( for now ) the 2 wheels as the RM was stolen... Dad was quite pleased... he thought I was going to get hurt soon... In reflection I think he was right... Then came the Kart... 1st off we bought an old TKM outfit for a few hundred quid, Dad thought he'd be a shroud old fox, just in case I didn't like it he wouldn't have blown a load of hard earned... It was after 2 outings that we sold it! Nothing wrong with the kart, just not right for us... Dad didn't want to run around the track (old git) and I wanted a better tool... Dad has friends at Blackbushe (Camberley Kart Club) from all those years ago when he used to race, mainly the Taylor's, Ted and Tim... they sorted out a real bargain for us, a Zip chassis and a very very good Rotax engine... We practised about 3 times with this rig, after which point I decided I really wanted to race not practise :))) So, we started to pursue the golden dream of an National A license, this meant doing an MSA approved ARC's test which we completed at Blackbushe and then we ...

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