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Glee Season 3: Here's What To Expect - Visit us for more Glee exclusives, gossip, and spoilers! - Like us on Facebook! - Follow us on Twitter! Hi, all. I'm Chako Suzuki from Wetpaint Entertainment, and I cannot freakin' believe that Glee won't be back for another three months! Don't they know that we're addicted, and that quitting cold turkey never works? We may have some time to kill before Glee's return, but it's never too early to start making predictions about how they'll resolve those lingering storylines and cliffhangers, just like it's never too early to start telling people what we want for Christmas. So here are the 5 plot lines we can't wait to watch in Glee Season 3. At number 5 is the chance to see Santana and Brittany finally have a real relationship — but still without any the cutesy crap because that so isn't them! Also, Santana coming out publicly will probably happen soon — and Karofsky, too, for that matter. Yes, we think Santana might actually be able to stop acting like an ice queen just long enough to have a real relationship. We know, we know — we're shocked, too! At number 4, we're wondering if this is the season when Will can finally handle the crazy train known as Emma. Dr. Carl and his amazing body are finally out of the picture, plus Emma seems to ever-so-slowly be getting a handle on her issues. Emma, please — while we're young. Then again, if Dr. Carl wants to drop by in those sexy dentist's scrubs of his every now and then, ya ...

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