Video - GS550L out of storage

Videa Suzuki GS GS550L out of storage

GS550L out of storage

Sorry about the blank video at the beginning, I didn't check the decoder output before uploading. This is where I am after 1 hour of work on a 1982 suzuki GS505L with only 8100 miles that hasn't been started in over 2 years. First it ran off starter fluid, and sounded good, so I progresssed to a small amount of fresh gas, before i put the tank back out to see how much crap i could clear outta the carbs by letting it run choked for ~20 minutes. After this, It was running and not stalling with throttle inputs, and seemed to rev well to at least 6k...if not a little slow on throttle response...but would stall instead of idle. Now that I know this was a pretty good $400 investment and will be cleaning the carbs completely very soon.

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