Video - HD: Unboxing OSBE Rufus Motorcycle Helmet

Videa Suzuki Tornado HD: Unboxing OSBE Rufus Motorcycle Helmet

HD: Unboxing OSBE Rufus Motorcycle Helmet

Just picked up my new OSBE Rufus motorcycle helmet today that I got off eBay, so made this quick "unboxing" video. The similarities between this helmet an actual fighter pilot helmet is probably the main reason why I bought it in the first place. It is one kickass looking helmet. Complies with ECE 22.05 helmet safety laws in Europe, which means it's allowed here in Canada by DOT or Snell standards. (The YouTube captions will make you laugh!) NOT recommended for long distance road trips, high-speed travel, or windy days. The mask isn't held on securely so it may expose your mouth and chin during windy rides. As I experienced recently, the mask part of the helmet kept blowing open by the 100 km/h winds, so I kept getting bombarded by dirt/sand/pebbles.

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