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Videa Suzuki US Healthcare & Discrimination Rant!

Healthcare & Discrimination Rant!

Caution: I occasionally use 'harsh' language in this video. Hide your children and those with delicate sensibilities! Or for more fun, let them watch too! Watch this with them! This is a deep topic that I unpack in a vlog about healthcare, lack of access and my own story about discrimination my girlfriend and I face trying to get +1 coverage for me through her company (I am a freelance-artist). We're an unmarried opposite-sex couple who've been together almost 15 years, and have owned a home together since 2005. The company she works for can cover us, but has refused to since 2004, and nobody seems to care because there aren't many activists on this topic....yet. I explain why I refuse to marry anyone, which should be interesting as well. No offense to those who are married. These are just parameters I set for my own life. However, unmarried households outnumber married households in America, and the ACA is gonna cover adults in 2014. I cover all of this in my video! Disagree or agree, but please leave me your comments. Nothing will be censored except egregious spam or unrelated junk (spam). I really want to hear your American insurance-company horror stories as well as from International viewers discussing their healthcare systems (and if you're satisfied with those systems). -- All sound is either public-domain, my own work, fair-use or Creative Commons License from Fair-use on some images found on the web. Other images created by me.



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