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Help my Suzuki Part 2!!!

New set of questions for you guys! First of all, since my last video, i've had some work done: -New clutch/clutch assembly installed -Tune up -Lube/Oil Filter -Replace rear main seal on Tranny -Resurfaced the flywheel But my vibration problem persists Teh Questions!: 1. 0:01 why the FUUUUUCK won't any mechanic touch my wheel spacers?!?!?! they're so retardely simple 2. 1:14 Should there be any play between the rear wheels and the rear drive shaft? It doesn't feel like there should be.... 3. 2:49 What is that part with the slow leak exactly? I wanna order a new one! 5: 3:58 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: What is that knocking/clicking when i'm slowing down at low speeds? It shakes the truck pretty bad and the transfer case knob shakes like crazy! Please take a look/listen to the under-car part of the video 3:58 and let me know if anything looks amiss (or sounds bad!). The offending noise/vibration is pointed out with text in the video so you can know exactly what i'm talking about! I'm in a hurry at the moment, i'll add more detail to this description later! thanks!!

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