Video - Honda CHF 50 Anthology Scootology 101 - Redux

Videa Suzuki SR Honda CHF 50 Anthology Scootology 101 - Redux

Honda CHF 50 Anthology Scootology 101 - Redux

This is a re-edit of the video i released the other day. The Video features a 2009 Honda CHF 50 Metropolitan Scooter. Do not let scooters (Particularly good ones) fool you.They are fun and will put a smile on your face and in my opinion area great way to get introduced to riding (even if you are not shifting gears). I encouraged everyone who rides to wear proper gear always. Riding is fun but also a great responisbilty. I take what i would call (acceptable) risks given my experience in riding. each must decided waht risks are acceptable for themselves. I do not encourage nor do I dictate to anyone how they should conduct their personal lives. Each his/her own. The Scooter: 2009 Honda CHF 50 Metropolitan Scooter (USA) model.Bought brand new in June of 2011. Bone Stock: No Mods, No Jets, No Variator, No Muffler changes , period. Always use High Octane Fuel: 92-93 Top Speed: 40-43 MPH (Depending on conditions) Officially Clocked @ 40 mph. Change Oil Every 600 Miles or (Seasonally) Check Tires Regularly. Advantages to Owning a scooter (Depending on your state laws.) - No Motorcycle Endorsement Necessary - No Registration Required. - No Insurance Required. - No Property Tax - Can be parked anywhere a Bicycle can be parked - 80-110 Miles Per Gallon - Excellent in Commuter/City Traffic - Develop a much greater awareness of Traffic - Hone Searching and Scanning Skills Disadvantages of owning a Scooter. - Limited cargo and passenger Capacity - Limited Distance - (Not intended for ...

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