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how the car dealer cheats

I bought a 2007 Suzuki SX4 at the Richmond Suzuki in Richmond, BC. I also introduced my friend Mr. Chen to Richmond Suzuki where he bought a same car. When I bought the car, the salesmen solicited me to install an immobilizer which cost me $500. They told me it was an "original Suzuki made", which was the reason I wanted to install one. They said, after installing the immobilizer, my car will be safe, even someone duplicate my key, he can't start my car. When I got my car, I found a hole was drilled on the steel wheel cover and a LED light was installed in the hole. Obviously the immobilizer is not "original Suzuki made". But this is not the biggest problem. Several days later, I spent $3 duplicating a new key. I was surprise to find that I could use this key to drive my car completely! That means the so call immobilizer is a fake one at all. I had a 2002 Jetta with immobilizer before, and have a 2000 Beetle, they can't be started using a duplicated key.

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