Video - Hydrogen - Oxygen Separator Cell Build Mileage Report

Videa Suzuki RE Hydrogen - Oxygen Separator Cell Build Mileage Report

Hydrogen - Oxygen Separator Cell Build Mileage Report

CELL DESIGN. 8 Stainless Neutrals, 2 Active Stainless (+), 1 Active Titanium (-) , volts per gap = 2.0 volts, 12 volt @ 12 amps = 144watts. Titanium has been known to react with KOH. I promise to test more my self and confirm or deny this hypothesis. Please refrain form making assumptive comments. Shame my replies don't show up on your channel. Thanks to Reg at and Peter at for all your help. For more details and discussion on this modification go to I pulled this narrow gap cell in the Suzuki apart and inspected and cleaned the plates. Thats the one that i was using KOH in initially, and had also had an accidental cross up of the input terminals. I saw brown oxidization in the tubes (view-able in earlier videos) and indeed there was a lot of build up nearer to the bottom of all the plates, but particularly on the oxygen side, of a brown/grey/black sludge. So, I re-sanded and reassembled and using only NaOH now as this seems to completely eliminate any build up from occurring. Gas quantity has nearly doubled and now carrying a torch tip in the Suzuki to demonstrate a relatively big flame for those that aren't quite believing that its a useful gas. I think the mistaken cross over of the connections, may have caused much of the brown build up. But the grey/black stuff, could likely be the product of the KOH. At any rate. My gas flow is now absolutely full of finer bubbles for much smoother and consistent ...

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