Video - Idaho City 100 2010

Videa Suzuki Grass Tracker Idaho City 100 2010

Idaho City 100 2010

This is my submission for the 2010 Racer X Amateur Film Fest. It is a series of footage taken from the 2010 Idaho City 100, a National ISDE Qualifier. This years race was brutal as rain had poured on the area the week leading up to the race making for muddy and slippery conditions. The footage doesn't do justice to the mud bogs, ruts, roots, and crazy conditions the racers faced. The song is called two by four, which was written and performed by my brother's band. He also helped with some of the camera work and wore a helmet camera for a brief period on Day 1. The footage was taken with a GoPro Hero HD and Canon Vixia HG20. iMovie09 was used for the editing. The footage is from both days of the race, with most of it from the Grass Track, but some from other special tests and some transfer sections.

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