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Videa Suzuki US Indonesia di AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

Indonesia di AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

Indonesia at AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, many new things happened in this competition, with a new winner, foreign coaches in most teams, foreign/naturalized player in some teams, and Indonesia had showed a spectacular show for us, Indonesian. especially with all the tragedy and problems occurring our nation, this competition help us to forget all of those things, which gives new spirit for our nationalism and new hope, thanks to Alfred Riedl, Firman Utina, and other officials/player that help over the competition will surely missed the euphoria, local news showing exclusive highlight on "timnas/players", street vendors selling red jersey, spirits of our nationalism, the "Red Seas" over Gelora Bung Karno, and many more. hopefully more of these events happens more, not only coming from soccer, but other sports, and area, which can gain our spirits of nationalism, and hopefully we could reach higher achievement next time see yaa at The AFF Suzuki Cup 2012, really gonna missed this, "Kami Menang Tapi Belum Juara" ~ B. Pamungkas Stock Footage and Picture are Taken From Youtube and Flickr Created with Adobe After Effects, and Sony Vegas Pro Songs: Intro: David J. Wesley- Noble Soldier Main: Netral- Garuda di Dadaku © 2010 Cozerox

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