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Insane 2005 Suzuki Z400 LTZ

Walk around of my ltz400 with a 434 big bore kit 05' LTZ434, z400 12.5:1 CP 94mm Piston Full Yoshimura TRC titanium exhaust(updated) FCR40 175/45 with Rat Stack Dyna Programmable AMR Monster Coil Kibble White Valves and Dual Rate Springs Custom Grind Web Cams DID Timing Chain PWR Radiator Raptor Petcock Gunnar Killswitch Fly Start/Kill Switch Elka Stage 3 Front Shocks Elka Stage 3 Rear Shocks with Link Roll Design +1 Steering Stem Streamline Hydraulic Clutch Tag T2 Bars Lonestar Racing+3 Arms Burgard +1 Swing Arm UM Radiator Shrouds Supersprox 14/40t UM Air Box YFZ Calipers Stainless Lines Pro Armor Bumper and Grab Bar Asv Levers Roll Design Nerfs/Heels/Pegs Lonestar Racing Axcalibar Axle Douglas G2 Beadlocks with Maxxis Razr's HID Headlamp 5000k YFZ LED Tail Powremadd Hand Guards TrailTech Vapor+Dash CV2 Radiator Hoses GPR Steering Stabilizer Roll Design Brake Lever and Shift Lever I'm sure i've left a bunch out! This build took a long time, and a lot of money!



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