Video - Jeep Off Road Movies - Ramp Exit (Exploring Mines)

Videa Suzuki US Jeep Off Road Movies - Ramp Exit (Exploring Mines)

Jeep Off Road Movies - Ramp Exit (Exploring Mines)

My friends, Hai, Dave, Nick and I went to explore some mines on the Gold Rush Trail, BC. There are 3 different levels. Hai's jeep on 39s with roof top tent made it through the mine. The lower level is flooded and the middle level is drivable. Driving through the mine you enter at the 900 level, and take the ramp up and exit the 1000 level. We couldn't reach the entrance of the top level because of the snow line. It took us a while to find the entrance. After we got in, we took the down ramps and ended up with another flooded area. After 20 minutes of driving, we decided to come out from the entrance we came in. Dave was driving the last jeep. He didn't come out. When he came out after 5 minutes, he told us he found the up ramp which also indicates ramp exit. We decided to go back and sure enough ramp exit took us to the other side of the mountain. The area we came out was only enough to park 3 jeeps. We decided to leave 1 jeep in the mine parked in a pocket area. We turned 3 jeeps around. Then we brought the 4th one to turn around after we took other 3 in. By far it was my best wheeling experience. Hai's monster jeep and 50" led light bar saved the day in terms of filming :) Thanks to Hai for letting me mount my camera on his jeep, thanks to Dave for the idea of exploring this mine, thanks to Pat who organized us but couldn't join us because of work, thanks to Nick to be brave enough to wheel with us on his first club run. It was also interesting to see 4 different stages ...

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