Video - join our PERMANENT kpop/jpop group (CLOSED)

Videa Suzuki US join our PERMANENT kpop/jpop group (CLOSED)

join our PERMANENT kpop/jpop group (CLOSED)

History: Suzuki and Amiko have been at a camp when they thought of the idea of making there own kpop/jpop group, they quickly began the first song but it didn't end up too well. Now they are back trying to get real fans and another person to join, It refers to beauty in mind and in singing. They hope to find one more person to complete the 3B.A team. In the near future after college degrees they hope to sign up for the SM Entertainment. Suzuki is 14 and amiko is 15 Hi~! Hey im Suzuki kasami, or by stage name, I hope to have one more person on my team of three. I am African American and I love the kpop world. I am hoping someone will sign to the audition agreement and be in our first music video "sayonara." AUDITION PLEASE! OR SUBSRCIBE. AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Name: Stage name: Description about yourself: Hobbies/likes: Video of you singing or rapping: Why you want to join: Do you want to go with us to audition in the sm entertainment: Favorite kpop group: Skype username or whatever else you WANT to use, -email/phone number/et: also be featured in our new music video here is the other vid for more understanding! yay! okay the other vid kinda explains more

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