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KarenStoryLighters COVER SONG MV Official - CK ENT FEAT Suzuki

KAREN HIPHOP LYRICS 1st Verse Imagine you're a kid that lives in a war zone Imagine you're always on a run u never have a home U used to have one but burnt by SPDC All u have left is a black spot and a memory Playgrounds cover in flames Everything surrounded you, doesn't look the same School u used to go became military base U became a refugee, live in other people place Your sister got raped ... your father was torture And your mother ran in fear try to cross the border Your family tree used to have green leaves Now it turned brown, life became a tragedy Revenge is the only thing that crosses your mind But Fear is the only friend u have at that time Imagine For six decades, your people are slaves What would you do? Would you try to liberate? 2nd verse by the time you see me on the tv ill be blown up another 63 years of your life froze up if you never been a refugee, if you never seen your mother being raped by a soldier so she scream so loud but you never seen in my screen im proud to wear this sweater cuz im a karen ill say it agian theres no shame in i hate everyone of those general no naming it cuz theres aint worth an ounce of my ryhms i wana tell you every list of their crimes put a flame in it another karen camp burnt down damaging when i get up in my battle zone ill be here to tear it up remember the name of the soldier cant pair it up im a lone wofe this is happening right now i need a lighter in the air light it up now i came from heaven to back down ah men




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