Video - Keane - Everybody's Changing (unofficial alternative agrranged)

Videa Suzuki T Keane - Everybody's Changing (unofficial alternative agrranged)

Keane - Everybody's Changing (unofficial alternative agrranged)

Everybody's changing - Alt Version My Little Baby (arranged) Originally only wanted to get grips with new audio tools and books ive brought on the best ways of filtering vocals from mastered tracks. The hardest part to this was actually riping the vocals as their is no a cappella to 'everybody's changing'. All sound Sounds are ripped from YM Genesis chip music: 'Good ending' was then filtered and patch in to sound banks and used as normal Mid / sound files, inwhich i built the entire arangement around the vocals. Ended up sounding like a Duran duran 80s cover - no bad thing. Tools used: Sega Megadrive Cuebase Acid Pro 6 Waves Plugins stylus RMX (for the drums) Sony Vegas (for the video editing) Both original tracks are already 'perfect' - I really created this for my own pleasure. 'MY little baby' (Good ending) by Yuzo koshiro 'Everybody's Changing' by Keane I Plan to do more of these and will post if peeps request. Regards. Related tags:

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