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Videa Suzuki T Long, Long Ago - suzuki violin - Jillie

Long, Long Ago - suzuki violin - Jillie

Long Long Ago. - TH Bayly Suzuki Violin Vol. 1. June 1, 2008 Jillie in her first solo violin recital. Her teacher had her play this piece slower than usual as a legato exercise. It took a little practice to get good sound at this speed. I think she did very well. She is almost 7 years old in this video. She started violin in Sept. 2007. That's about 9 months. Although the first month or so was spent on a cardboard violin and practice bow to learn how to hold them properly. She is playing a 1/10 size violin made by Gliga of Romania. She practices about 20 or 30 minutes every other day. She squeezes in a few minutes here and there everyday though. We don't push her. She does what she wants. We just want her to enjoy herself...and she does. She has been learning piano for about 2 years as well.



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