Video - Loud Suzuki V-Strom with TBR passes [HD]

Videa Suzuki DL Loud Suzuki V-Strom with TBR passes [HD]

Loud Suzuki V-Strom with TBR passes [HD]

Made just for fun and to let you hear how it sounds. I tried to record a variety of angles and speeds to get the best possible footage of how the Two Brothers Racing exhaust sounds in different situations. But let me tell you - it sounds fantastic and makes other drivers pay attention to what's coming from behind. Hope I did not scare other 2oo riders while recording this stuff. Of course when I found the good spot and placed the camera the cyclists started coming and coming... so I just tried not to injure any of them. Fortunately - successfully :) Please watch in HD. In addition to that, a good set of headphones or deep-tone speakers should do the job. Edited with help of iMovie '09.

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