Video - LP670 SV & LP570 SL & Matte LP640 - one LOUD combo in Stuttgart!! *HD*

Videa Suzuki Super carry LP670 SV & LP570 SL & Matte LP640 - one LOUD combo in Stuttgart!! *HD*

LP670 SV & LP570 SL & Matte LP640 - one LOUD combo in Stuttgart!! *HD*

lfX spots.. no. I have to make changes.. err.. an amazing trio at the Meilenwerk Stuttgart. Probably my combo of the year. So well, I was sitting there, waiting for cars and then I saw a grigio telesto 570SL, I was amazed. But then something white with a huge wing was driving just after it. A beast called SuperVeloce. And then, the "cherry on the cake", a matte black LP640 driving right behind them. Incredible combo. Very nice and cool owners such as the owner of the older Porsche that was standing next to the 640 ("can I put my cheap Porsche next to the Lambos for a pic?"). So yeah, three guys (from Swizerland) were meeting up at the Meilenwerk Stuttgart. Then, a friend of them who was obviously living in Böblingen (Stuttgart) joined then meet, too. Sadly he parked two spaces away from the others (would have been great for photos, but of course a guy with his BMW had to drive next to the SL). After waiting about two hours for the cars to start up there came three other cars.. I was pretty surprised so my filming there was a bit confused I guess. But I tried to focus on filming the SV which had the best sound. I also asked the owner to rev the car, but he said that the engine was cold. Honestly I was glad to hear that there are still owners that really know about their cars. Nice guy aswell ;) Enjoy the "Trio Infernale"! lfX

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