Video - Mantsi Van Van RV 125.

Videa Suzuki Van Van Mantsi Van Van RV 125.

Mantsi Van Van RV 125.

This channel was opened to post "Non-"Romaurie Effect" video clips.The refrigeration company I worked for kept calling me back from breakdowns to record the latest projects they were building. As I no longer work for that company I feel no obligation to host their projects. But as my channel, "romaurie" was and is primarily to show developments in vacuum-enhanced" aquariums I am slowly moving clips not connected with that to here. When I arrived here in 1985 I was riding a Yamaha SR 250 SE US Custom.One of the best bikes I have owned. If I had realised that Yamaha made a TW 125 at the time I bought this Van Van, I probably would have opted for the Yamaha.But having read a few reveiws, it seems more people go for the Van Van.I always bought Yamaha in the UKI remember the last bike show I attended there in Birmingham 1987.While I was travelling back to London by train, I got to talking to a few other folk who had attended the show.All had their own favourite Japanese motorcycle company and all had good reasons to support their favourites.I ended up buying a Yamaha XT 350 and shipping it to a place that is "not flavour of the month " at present but the bike ended its journey in Eilat. Big mistake! The ambient temperature in Eilat in summer can reach 46 degrees in summer.The Yamaha had a plastic air duct to channel over the single cylinder head.If I rode north into the desert, the prevailing wind came from the north.Within 1 hour, my right inside leg was burning! The popular ...

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