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Videa Suzuki GP MARCO SIMONCELLI Phillip Island 2011

MARCO SIMONCELLI Phillip Island 2011

I met most of the GP riders at the 2011 Aussie GP. I met Marco Simoncelli late on the Saturday afternoon after qualifying. He was chilled out and having fun with the 5 or 6 people out back of the pits. In the 10 min's i spent with him i found him to be the easiest going of all the GP riders. Totally at ease, laughing and joking...and generally having a great time and loving life. Stoner on the other hand...with his security didn't have the time of day for his Aussie fans, the best pic i could get from 2 feet away...was his knee and ankle Marquez, i met him literally 2 min's after he was notified of a 1 minute penalty which would see him start the Moto2 race at the rear of the grid. I gave the camera to some random Italian chick and asked her to take the photo. She hesitated for 2 seconds...Marco reached out, snatched the camera off her and screamed at his team manager to HURRY UP AND TAKE THE PHOTO the exact moment the photo was taken im thinking, ''what fuck is up with this guy?''. After finding out the reason he was so pissed off i could appreciate his attitude.

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