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Videa Suzuki US Mark O'Connor - O'Connor Violin Method - Interview

Mark O'Connor - O'Connor Violin Method - Interview

Mark O'Connor and 40-Year veteran Suzuki instructor introduce O'Connors new Violin Method. "An American grown rival to the Suzuki method." - The New Yorker On November 16th, multiple-Grammy-winning composer and violinist Mark O'Connor realized a long-held dream: Books I and II of the O'Connor Violin Method were published. While touring the United States and composing orchestral and chamber music, O'Connor has educated thousands of young musicians at his summer string camps and at such notable institutions as UCLA's Herb Alpert School of Music, Curtis Institute of Music and Harvard, always focusing on what he calls "America's classical music." The O'Connor Method includes some of the great folk songs, fiddle tunes and classic themes that have endured the country's 400-year-old history of violin playing, representing all the Americas Mexico, Canada and every region of the United States and musical styles including classical, folk, Latin, jazz, rock and ragtime. O'Connor has chosen and arranged material that will help create the future classical violinist, folk fiddler, jazz musician - or all three. For more information on Mark O'Connor, the O'Connor method, sheet music and more, please visit

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