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Maruti Suzuki Estilo 'Come Alive' Film 1

Maruti Suzuki's latest campaign 'Come Alive' for the Estilo. This is the first film, part of the 3-film series for this campaign. This film is based on the Stunning looks of the Estilo and how the characters in the film, Crash Test Dummies (CTD) 'Come Alive' in the R&D center because of the looks of the car. It starts with the male CTD coming to life and admiring the looks of the car and then deciding to drive the car for a bit. He is joined by a female CTD who also comes alive thanks to the car. She gets in the car is equally pleased to see the elegant interiors and looks of the car from inside. From there on they begin to enjoy the little ride inside the R&D center together and start bonding with each other. The two protagonists of the film-- the two CTD's (Crash Test Dummies), have been used for the first time ever in the Indian automobile sector. CTDs have an instant connect with the automobile sector as they are an integral part of the category and they also serve as visually clutter-breaking device. Client: Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Brand: Estilo Creative agency: Dentsu Creative Impact, India

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