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Maruti-Suzuki Swift Sports 2012

Suzuki will start selling the Swift Sport in Europe from October. The sporty avatar is distinguished by a new bumper at the front, new side skirts and a roof-mounted spoiler. A sport-tuned suspension, dual exhaust system, HID headlamps and 17 inch aluminium wheels other differences. Step inside and you are greeted by the sports seats, new instrument cluster and sporty pedals. The 1.6-liter petrol engine produces 134 hp and 160Nm of torque which is delivered to the wheels through a 6 speed manual transmission. The suspension setup of the Sport is stiffer to provide the car with better cornering ability. Amazingly the car still remains quite frugal and returns 37 mpg. Doesn't Maruti Suzuki see a business opportunity for the Sport model as a large number of Swift buyers go for performance mods on their cars? If not the full monty, Maruti must introduce a 5-door sport variant better suited for the Indian market.

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