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Videa Suzuki Tornado Mickey 2006 CJ 1A 1st

Mickey 2006 CJ 1A 1st

Hiroyuki's winning 1A freestyle from central japan 06 contest. Songs: Super Euro Flash and White is for you Black is for me Artist: Franz "Vip" Tornado and Bazooka "TVC" Girl Claudia VIP For those of you that diss mickey on this freestyle becasue he missed some tricks, most of you couldn't come close as far as I know. He's actually gotten better. And for those of you that think Mickey is an unstoppable god, well, one example, yuuki's worlds 07 freestyle was better. And its not just my opinion its the REALITY. Get over it. Yuuki has won worlds before too. Do your research before you start talking like you know everything about yoyoing, especially when you just started or dont even yoyo at all... Please...thank you. (Sorry, just a lil venting in response to a few stupid comments. What do I expect though, good ones? lol)

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