Video - MINI CHOPPER 3 day build! brendonv101+Cchange4us

Videa Suzuki RM-Z MINI CHOPPER 3 day build! brendonv101+Cchange4us

MINI CHOPPER 3 day build! brendonv101+Cchange4us

a few weeks ago me and brendon decided i would come up for a few days and build a mini chopper, the ooriginal plan was to use a honda gx 120 but it the rings were gone in it, brendon had an old briggs 2 pony that came off his cart so we used that, the frame is made out of exercise machines and an old mountain bike which we had to extend the forks about 300mm, the tires were found on trash picked bikes and the back one has new rubber. most of the welding was done wit a stick welder and alot of grinding back and re welding. COSTS: wheels: $15 for the back new tire frame: a bit of time to find in hardwaste engine: im not sure what brendon spent on that engine exept for his own time chain: got it for free from one of brendons dads mate nuts and bolts:total was about $5 exhaust:$10 (galvinised pipe from bunnings) donnor bike: got it for free so you can tell it was a cheap project ..... and a loud one, very loud one

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