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Morning Musume

Good morning my fellow Youtubers :D I recorded this a few days ago but couldn't upload it till now. Yes I'm dancing in my pajamas. I couldn't find any of my clothes. ;-; And my channel has been so inactive.. ;-; I'm sorry everyone! The thing is that I got active with ExL, my mom was being totally discouraging, school got in the way, and I was being plain lazy... xD; I was going to do SHORTCUT a few months ago though... xD; Haha but I'll do that soon. As for the next dance lineup, I'm not sure about what I'm going to do next because myself and Misha are doing a mini-live for a festival in a few weeks. So we've gotta get all warmed up and get our dances down! That will be sure to go onto Youtube. ^^ Did you forget me? Formspring: Twitter: Blogspot:

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