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Mother F#$%ers!

An old parody of Earthbound I wrote and animated for "NiN10Doh to the 64th Power!" on Newgrounds a few years back. In my first year of college, I played a couple hours worth of Earthbound for the SNES and this cartoon was basically what I took away from it. Although I've never finished the game, personally, I respect it as a really unique and interesting creation in Nintendo's history. Written & Animated by: Chris Niosi Music: "Tatsumarii Village" by Shogo Sakai "Battle" by Shogo Sakai "Instant Victory" by Keiichi Suzuki "Eight Melodies" by Tanaka Suzuki, performed by St Paul's Cathedral Choir Voices: Ness played by Cailen Denton Poo played by Michael J. Ruocco Jeff played by Edwyn Tiong Paula played by Kira Buckland The Dog played by Chris Niosi Mr. Saturn played by Anthony Kresky Ness' Dad played by Max Gilardi All Earthbound/Mother characters are © Nintendo



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Autor: Christopher Niosi
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