Video - @Motor Expo 2008 - Suzuki Kizashi-2

Videa Suzuki Kizashi @Motor Expo 2008 - Suzuki Kizashi-2

@Motor Expo 2008 - Suzuki Kizashi-2

There are 2 factions for Suzuki Automobile Thailand to say "first time ever" in Thai auto show like this. First, more conventional booth than ever before and larger of course (not to mention the vehicles in lineup). Second, the concept vehicle for here. Now that's a talk! The Kizashi-2 is one among three Kizashi concept series by Suzuki as we all know. This bodystyle is a crossover vehicle of course. Some rumors said this will surely be a successor in law for the present XL-7. I just know for 2 features: i-AWD for future way of terrain surfacing ruggedness, its engine with quite advanced hybrid system. After all, what we can only connect to it as we visit the booth is to see the design of the vehicle all around. Sporting and intensive athlete feel. So it's one of the progressions to define Suzuki Automobiles to the next revolutionary step for upcoming vehicles in near future. And I also still hope for Suzuki to introduce more vehicles for whatever segment; not motorcycles (Thai people afford Suzuki motorcycles than automobiles).

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