Video - Motorcycle Adventure Turned Trail 2006

Videa Suzuki RE Motorcycle Adventure Turned Trail 2006

Motorcycle Adventure Turned Trail 2006

It's more of New Zealand. The Christchurch Kiwibiker Adventure crew go on a Dual Sport adventure which turns out to be very slippery and better suited to trail bikes. We started on public roads and finished on private land for a small pre arranged fee. I'm glad I was riding my CRF230 (trailered it to the end of the tarmac). Others road in from Christchurch on F650 Dakar, F650 Funduro, a DR650, a XR650, TTR250, CRM250, WR and some others including our English friend the Tourist on the Africa Twin 750 who did real well considering he had very road bias tires. This is the rest of the ride on which I submerged the CRF on one of my earlier videos. Read the whole story at

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