Video - Motorcycle valve adjusment - part 1 suzuki bandit 1200

Videa Suzuki T Motorcycle valve adjusment - part 1 suzuki bandit 1200

Motorcycle valve adjusment - part 1 suzuki bandit 1200

Valve adjustment part 2 . - Remove some items under the tank (not covered in the manual). Remove the braces on the frame that locate the left and right side fairing pieces. Remove the ignition coils (note the position, routing and connections of the wires). Disconnect breather hose from head cover breather. Remove head cover breather by removing its four bolts. The manual specifically states that this last step is unnecessary, but you'll bugger up the head cover and may not be able to get it out without removing the breather. - Remove the head cover by removing the 14 bolts holding it in place. Don't lose the small metal gaskets under each of these bolts. Don't forget the two near the timing chain bulge and the four (union bolts) near the spark plug towers. Pull it carefully out the right side of the bike. Look carefully under the cover as you guide the plug towers over the timing chain; you can easily lose one of the small gaskets at the bases of these towers. Remove and clean the head cover gasket (strip off silicone sealer) and the mating surfaces on the head and head cover. You can reuse the head cover gasket as long as it's pliable. - Remove the signal generator cover by removing the five bolts holding it in place. If your careful in peeling the gasket off, you'll be able to reuse it (once) with a silicone gasket maker blue coating. - Note the two notches on the right ends of the cam shafts. These will be parallel with the head surface when the crank is ...

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