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MotoVlog - S01 E10

I steal a segment from AccidentalBroadcast's vlogs called, 'What's in the bag?" -- full credit to -- my version is a bit unhealthy. I re-visit E08's location on a sunny day only to faceplant a bush. Then I make you watch my wash the bike while we rock out to the vlog's theme. This is the last episode for season 1! Will be back soon, when it's warmer, and with friends (if they ever rock up, those jerks). Like me on Facebook ( ) and you can follow me on Twitter @rolkus. I use a GoPro HD Hero II for video, and record sound on a Zoom H4N. Title track by Adam B. Metal (@adambmetal) - get his solo project, The Departed at -- IT'S FREE and I cannot recommend it enough! Like his stuff on Facebook! **This video can not be reproduced or broadcast elsewhere without written consent from the author**



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