Video - Motul @ Isle of Man Tourist Trophy 2012

Videa Suzuki TR Motul @ Isle of Man Tourist Trophy 2012

Motul @ Isle of Man Tourist Trophy 2012

Tourist Trophy: here comes the passion! The TT is the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world and gathers for a week-time all the ingredients of passion. In such conditions, is it really astonishing to see as official partner a brand that cultivates passion, performance and innovation for over 150 years? Present since its origins on all the tracks around the World and in all motorcycle racing categories, Motul has always confronted its lubricants -- like the famous 300V -- to the racing scene. Indeed, Motul is not only the IOMTT official partner but also supports several teams among them Honda TT Legends and the legendary John McGuiness, 19 times winner of the TT and Tyco Suzuki which the not less famous Guy Martin



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