Video - Mud Up - Rm 125 and Yzf 250

Videa Suzuki US Mud Up - Rm 125 and Yzf 250

Mud Up - Rm 125 and Yzf 250

Hey guys! just a short video, We went out at the weekend, my first proper ride on the new bike due to the bad weather we had been held off but the first race of supercross inspired us to go out and ride! Only a short video as the rm125 had a few problems so we had to go back! Sorry if the riding isnt to great, it was extremely muddy and it was my first proper go on the yzf, Thanks for watching! please subscribe if you enjoyed and to 'Ollie Harrison' who was riding the 125!:) No copyright as its copyright free music and everything else was mine!:)



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