Video - MX vs ATV Alive Suzuki DLC on Australian PSN account

Videa Suzuki US MX vs ATV Alive Suzuki DLC on Australian PSN account

MX vs ATV Alive Suzuki DLC on Australian PSN account

**Read the full description ** Sorry digital camera has average focus when filming. I bought as US copy of Alive from Amazon so I could get all the DLC bikes and also at a cheaper price ($3 per bike instead of $5). I used a US PSN account to download the DLC, which was funded by a US PSN Card bought off ebay. I am playing the game on an Australian PSN account. The Suzuki DLC will only work offline UNLESS you play it on a US PSN account ,THQ thought of this happening and has blocked it from being able to play with the Suzuki online with a AUS/UK/EU/ anywhere but USA PSN account. So unless you don't only want to use the Suzuki's offline or on the US account I used to buy the DLC (like me) it's a loss of 6 bucks.. This is a warning for anyone else who think it might work, it won't...THQ already thought of it, and most likely the Honda's will be the same :( In summary: the Suzuki's will work fine on a UK/AUS/EU account OFFLINE only, If you try and go online it will not work. I simply deleted the game data, reinstalled the patches and re-downloaded only the KTM bikes and it works fine online, with KTM's only. ---- So there is no disadvantage in using a US copy of the game, but there is an advantage, which is that the DLC is almot half price compared to the AUS DLC prices :) ***Sorry about the quality going shitty sometimes as it was filmed on a digital camera, which obviosly isn't very good at recording video.

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