Video - My 95 GSX600f Suzuki Katana ((Krazy Noiz!!))

Videa Suzuki Katana My 95 GSX600f Suzuki Katana ((Krazy Noiz!!))

My 95 GSX600f Suzuki Katana ((Krazy Noiz!!))

My Katana is black & purple & also has a K&N Air Filter, & a complete Vans & Hines exhaust system. Otha then that its all a standard bike 4 now, I am going 2 do all of the custom paint and such myself, so that way it loox the way I want!! Well, most of all I really love it cuz it is really really load, it makes my bike sound as if I am flying a hell of alot faster then I really am, LOL! So, I know Y cops dont like me! LOL! Well, leave a comment! This video really does it no justice, the picture quality sux, my bike is way loader then it sounds on this, but atleast the sound is a lil more up tune then my past videos!! LOL! Thinx, Zhwiggz

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