Video - My van van from the first date to now

Videa Suzuki Van Van My van van from the first date to now

My van van from the first date to now

just trying the updated version of windows movie maker 2011...a few pics showing the change of my van van since when i first bought her till now 13.09.2011.....list of mods ive done that i can remember : Sprayed heat protection Renthal Handle bar brace Venom Handguards Rim tape Dust caps Letters on tires filled in Painted lip on seat Sprayed black rear rack Suzuki stickers Vinyl wrapped swing arm, side panels, upper fork legs, headlight casing One off top yolk protector Green rubber Speedo band Green LED in Speedo Upgraded xenon headlight Moddified Stock Exhaust ;) Pulse adrenaline lower frame/engine guard Pulse adrenaline bash guard with custom bracket Plastic pyramid front fender extender Rear shock protector mud flap Green fuel lines 12v cigar power outlet Givi screen Stainless braided brake New mirrors Label on tank removed along the way shes also had new upgraded spark plug, air filter changes, oil and oil filter change(s), new wheel bearings all round, new brake pads front and back, brake fluid flush, new chain(s) and both sprockets, regular small amount of redex carb cleaner added to fuel and proberbly more than that, i cant remember. shes my first and only bike for now and ive loved learning about bikes,maintaince and riding with help from the forum, cheers :)

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