Video - NEW 2012 Suzuki DL 650 L2 presentation + exhaust sound

Videa Suzuki DL NEW 2012 Suzuki DL 650 L2 presentation + exhaust sound

NEW 2012 Suzuki DL 650 L2 presentation + exhaust sound

A short video I've made during my test ride of the new 2012 Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom. Great bike, gives a lot of fun despite the fact that it has only 68 hp. It'll be a good choice for those that don't need 1000 cc to travel effectively and for those who ride a lot in the city. The suspension seemed a bit harder than the one from the outgoing model and from the DL 1000 I own. That's a weak point when it comes to comfort but on the other hand Suzuki improved wind protection significantly - finally no more turbulence shaking your head. Also, I found the seat shaped better, however it's still not as nice as the one in DL 1000 - certainly not as soft and perhaps not as wide. Engine delivers power in very linear way which gives you much confidence while maneuvering and in tight corners. No explosion of power to be found, though. Some of the features I show at the end include temperature gauge, average fuel economy, clock, gear indicator and four dots... I guess it may be something connected with the computer error codes. To sum up, the new DL 650 seems to be an even more user-friendly motorcycle. The colour is crazy but I think that 650 in white would look just as good. Go and see for yourself! Good work, Suzuki. Więcej informacji i szczegółów w języku Polskim (PL) na forum Vstromclub Polska: Music: Kevin MacLeod



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