Video - "ODE TO JOY"- Harmonica - Beethoven

Videa Suzuki Van Van "ODE TO JOY"- Harmonica - Beethoven

"ODE TO JOY"- Harmonica - Beethoven

Chris plays on his Suzuki chromatic harmonica SCX-64,16 Holes, 64 notes, in key of C, in several octaves a version of the classical piece "ODE TO JOY", composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. I like several pieces of Beethoven very much, especially this piece, from the 9th symphony. This song is SPECIALLY DEDICATED to my granddaughter "BRITT", because she brings so much joy and fun in our lives!! Categorie: Muziek Labels: chromatic harmonica Suzuki SCX-64 mondharmonica ctovg ODE TO JOY Beethoven Mundharmonika mcovg Chris plays Ode to joy



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