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OFFROAD 2010 Suzuki Jimny

The Jimny's 1.3-litre, 16v petrol engine provides more than enough pull to climb up a mountainside with 62.5kW (6000rpm), yet it returns 7.2l/100km on the combined cycle and produces just 171g/km of CO2. The Jimny 1.5-litre diesel with fuel consumption of 6.1l/100km (combined) has CO2 emissions of just 162g/km, making it one of the cleanest 4x4 on the market. As a Drive Action 4x4 with Air Locking Hub, the Jimny allows shifting between 4WD (4H) and 2WD modes while driving, which means the driver can respond to changing surface and weather conditions at a moment's notice. Furthermore, excellent approach angle (37°) and departure angle (46°) allow extraordinary off-road fun. The sturdy ladder-type frame is a solid foundation for serious off-road performance and it combines with three-link coil suspension that handles highway curves and rocky embankments with equal assurance. Separate shock absorbers and coil springs increase suspension travel and ensure smoother response. The ride is taut yet compliant, providing a high level of comfort for the driver and all passengers. The low-ratio box is available at the touch of a button and this transforms the Jimny from urban warrior into genuine off-road contender.

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