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Videa Suzuki Van Van Offroading on a Suzuki Van Van

Offroading on a Suzuki Van Van

myself and lee decided to tackle a few local green lanes near of which had a rocky ford. :D after exploring for a few hours, lee returned home but i continued in search of more lanes. i found a few. one of which was just off healyfield lane and the other ran alongside tunstall resivoir. the vid footage is not bad considering i had the camera just hung around my neck facing forward. i did end up falling off my bike when i was alone aswell giving me a bruised shin area. i also bent my brake pedal when i hit a rock on a seperate occasion. but all in all it was a great ride out. i even went to hartlepool on the same day aswell but thats another story. thanks for watching . ride safe ( ive just watched this back and its went to pot at the end, the pics arnt in sinc with the music, arrgghhh, : / nevermind )

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