Video - Onboard: Nearly Crashed Fahads MX5 Racecar - Ma5da Castle Combe

Videa Suzuki Grass Tracker Onboard: Nearly Crashed Fahads MX5 Racecar - Ma5da Castle Combe

Onboard: Nearly Crashed Fahads MX5 Racecar - Ma5da Castle Combe

www - Took the opportunity to enter Fahads MX5 in the Nippon Challenge. Thought we'd just collect some useful data and insight into racing at Castle Combe but nearly spoilt his weekend as I hit oil at Old Paddock at 70mph+. You can see the Orange MR2 spin further up the track. I caught the slide quickly and thankfully the grass had more grip that the tarmac and I kept it out of the wall. I am driver coach to Fahad Hizam from Saudi Arabia. We have previous worked together on the V8 Supercars Middle-East Championship. The purpose for Fahad in competing in the 2010 Championship is to gain experience of race craft and compare himself to other drivers in the most competitive Motorsport country in the world, the UK. Having brough the car back in one piece from the Nippon Challenge Qualifying Fahad qualified 9th in his group. Fahad is also CEO of Meezer Group who will shortly be opening a banch in the UK specialising in Tuning and Performance Parts. Video is captured on a 4-Cam Video4 setup from Race-Technology, supplied, fitted and operated by I use this system extensively in my driver coaching where we are able to compare data & video down to minute detail to help the driver improve at a faster rate. Why not subscribe to my channel for the very best onboard videos on Youtube, over 190 videos already uploaded and new ones posted every week, from race series' and trackdays all over the world. If you enjoy this video please consider adding ...

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