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Ospedaletti GP 1967

These sequences were taken during a trip round Europe in May - June 1967. We had made a stop in San Remo for some days and I was very happy to find out that there would be a roadracing-race in Ospedaletti. From the beginning it was said that Giacomo Agostini should start, but for some reason, he didn`t appear. Anyhow, there were some other well-known drivers like Luigi Taveri, Honda, Hans-George Anscheidt, Suzuki and the Swedish driver Kent Andersson, this time in 250 cc on Bultaco 61. Kent became later World Champion on Yamaha 125 cc. You can see these 3 drivers in the paddock after the race. Another well-known driver was the late Jack Findlay. It was a high-light time for me to see a race in the center of a city. This was and is an impossibility in my country, Sweden.

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