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Paper Planes To Land from Outer Space

WONG: A Japanese astronaut will launch paper planes to Earth from outer space. ANCHOR: Japan invented origami, the art of paper folding. And now Japanese scientists are planning to launch paper planes from outer space. You heard right. They are part of an experiment to prove that a spacecraft made of paper is the thing of the future. Keep an eye for their landing! STORY: Researchers at Tokyo University test origami planes for endurance to heat and wind. The planes are made of special paper, and are put in a wind tunnel for thirty seconds in 250 degrees Celsius. Amazingly, they survive the ordeal. Apparently, paper-made space shuttles are more efficient in escaping friction and heat upon re-entering to atmosphere. [Shinji Suzuki, Professor, Aerospace Engineering]: "Paper planes are extremely light so they slow down when the air is thin and can gradually descend. So that's why we believe this research could give a clue as to creating a whole new design for future space shuttles." A Japanese astronaut will release the paper planes from the International Space Station. It will take them many months to land on Earth, with no way of knowing where they'll end up. [Shinji Suzuki, Professor, Aerospace Engineering]: "It's going to be the space version of a message in a bottle. It will be great if someone picks one up. We are thinking of writing messages on the planes saying 'if found, please contact us' in a couple of languages." Suzuki believes this paper technology might one day ...

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